Monday, April 24, 2006

Fill'er Up

A.C. Kleinheider has a good post about the whole gas price business that contains many links to other sites although his own comments are the best:

We now work, live, worship within a much larger radius than we used to. Cheap gas allowed to set up our society like we have. We can complain about gas prices but if push comes to shove we either have to pay them or drastically adapt our lifestyle.

I'm not talking about riding your bike to the grocery store, driving less, not taking road trips change of lifestyle. I'm talking about changing jobs and having to move kinda change of lifestyle.

How many people say out in Franklin are mortgaged to the hilt working their fingers to the bone in Nashville trying to make their house payment? Gas prices continue to rise and those people will have to start making uncomfortable choices. Get a job closer to home or move closer to work.

We can bitch and moan and talk about quick fixes and maybe the market or the government will find an affordable renewable alternative to gas sometime soon -- but what if they don't. Our society is not set up, we are not equipped, to handle $7.00/gallon gas prices.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Almost every night on the news I see some joker complaining about how much it costs to fill up his Explorer or Excursion or Egregious and then bitch and whine about how greedy oil companies are. But none of these people are forced to live the way that they do. They are the perfect suckers for the oil companies, who are no more greedy today than they were back in the early 80s when the price of gas collapsed their profits suffered.

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