Monday, October 25, 2004

Voter Intimidation

Conservatives have done a lot of complaining about voter intimidation and the ugly tone of the presidential campaign. But they pretend that it all comes from the left's over-the-top hate for George Bush. Powerline blog has a post about vandalism directed against Bush signs and bumperstickers: "The most starkly sinister anti-Bush messages are the large 4-by-8 foot torched and blackened Bush/Cheney sign that still stands near Wolcott, and the two back-to-back signs with their centers sawed out, located in Avon off the I-70 exit overlooking Wal-Mart."
You would never get the impression from them that it works both ways. A Knoxville couple had it several Kerry signs piled up and blowtorched in their front yard.

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