Thursday, October 28, 2004

One Death is a Tragedy, a Million Deaths Are a Statistic

Dick McDonald, who is apparantly new to the English language, sets out to debunk some anti-Bush arguments; and I must admit I find it difficult to argue with his logic.
One passage stands out: "Deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wow, we have conducted and won two wars and lost less than 300 soldiers in the hot portion of those wars. Apparently the hand-wringers are in a catatonic fit about it. Forget that we lost 58,000 in Vietnam, 50,000 in Korea and 300,000 in WWII. It goes to show that if the NYT has the immaterial and insignificant to blow into a worldwide controversy, they will lie, deceive and omit the issue to their anti-American end."
So these lives are nothing more than a statistic; a set of numbers on a page. The problem isn't just that U.S. troops are still dying (along with many more Iraqis and others), but that they are dying well over a year since we "won" a war to end a non-existent threat; a war in which wishful thinking substituted for serious planning.

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