Friday, October 22, 2004

Bush Deserves it!

Jack Neely explains why Bush "deserves" another four years:

"[I]s it fair, really, to leave this mess with another president? George W. Bush would go traipsing off to a comfortable retirement of golf and smirky lectures to adoring crowds. He can always insist things woulda turned out great.

Meanwhile, whoever's elected Nov. 2 stands a strong chance of being, by 2008, the most hated man in America.

He'll likely have to raise taxes to counter a nearly unmanageable deficit. He'll have to at least consider reviving the draft. He'll have to deal with the most dangerous foreign-policy mess since the days of Khrushchev.

When people think of Vietnam, they most often blame the guy who recognized it as a mistake. They blame Nixon, the guy who got us out of Vietnam, more than they blame Johnson, the guy who got us in. You almost want Bush to be stuck with this one.

If home-style justice were how we picked presidents, our motto would be,President Bush has made his bed, now he has to lie in it. Four more years!

Bush may well deserve four more years. But maybe punishing one man with four more years in an office for which he's so poorly suited should not be our main priority."

I believe we are in deep trouble either way, which is why I have decided that I marginally prefer to see Bush reelected--preferably in another controversy-laden squeeker that leaves a cloud hanging over his head.

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