Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Quin Hillyer, offering advice to the right:
Support President Bush's expected call for a troop "surge" in Iraq. It is impossible to be a true conservative and, at the same time, to accept defeat in a military endeavor in a key strategic area of the world. Forget the arguments about whether we were wise to topple Saddam or not in the first place. (We were right, by the way.) The fact is that we are there now, and if we don't secure the peace, we will have lost, and the loss will have horrific repercussions for stability in the Middle East and for American standing in the world. Every other option on the table (other than a troop surge) is, in effect, a strategy for managing a defeat, rather than for securing a victorious peace. Those other strategies are therefore unacceptable. Utterly unacceptable. And cowardly to boot.

Translation: Continue to ignore the reality that the policy we favored has seen tens of thousands of Americans maimed and killed, largely for the benefit of Moqtada al-Sadr; and support a "surge" that has no earthly chance of success. Continue to throw around words like "cowardly" to make ourselves sound tough and maybe people will fail to notice how consistently wrong wh have been and we will be able to keep our phony-baloney jobs.

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