Thursday, January 25, 2007


This is one of those things that I obsess on, but I couldn't help noticing that in a hysterically hate-filled Freerepublic comment thread, one irony-challenged Freeper opined:

He's already getting a rep as a loose cannon, to say the least. Saying he wanted to "slug" Bush. Love to see him try; Bush and/or the Secret Service, would clock him. He will hit someone, sooner, rather than later. That's why Reagan canned him. Having been a Dem, I know they have always gotten off on abuse and violence towards people they don't agree with... and eventually towards people they DO agree with. The GOP does not understand how much Dems HATE us. We do not hate Dems. We laugh at them, think they are stupid, classless, etc. The mainstream GOP cannot fathom that kind of blind hatred. But blind hatred has always been what the Democrats are about. I only wish the GOP would finally realize it. The Dems are STREETFIGHTERS, and sooner or later they turn on themselves. (emphasis added)

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Dennis Dale said...

From the same thread:

Somebody should be making a list of these traitors so they can be brought to justice in the event their treasonous actions should actually bring mass casualties to our shores.