Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Trail of Tears

Will the Sun ever shine on K-Lo again? "Senator Santorum has graciously conceded. Reminding people of that Gathering Storm we have to face without or without him in the Senate. Says he's proud he didn't run on pork, but the stakes of this war we're in."


Anonymous said...

The Corner is making for some good reading tonight.

Anonymous said...

Ledeen: "Even if, as now appears, the Senate stays Red, Bush is gonna have a tough time getting support for a better war policy. But Santorum left him the words and the methods with which he could do it. If he's up to it."

J-Pod the Idiot Boy:
"What Democracy Should Be -
Happy or suicidal with tonight's results, something colossal and profoundly important has happened in the United States beginning in 2000 — the re-engagement of the American people with politics. We have had four enormously consequential elections in a row now in which voters have cast their ballots in numbers that we were told we'd never see in our lifetimes. I don't see how you can view this as anything but a wondrous development for the United States."

"My heart is officially out of the predictions business."