Sunday, November 12, 2006

Oh Yeah!

While scrolling through a comment thread at the Contra-Crunchy site, I found several excellent comments from my spiritual leader, "Bubba." Such as, "is it wrong to suspect that Rod thinks Iraq's a disaster because he wants it to be a disaster?" An excellent analyis on Bubba's part explaining why Rod Dreher, and Rod Dreher alone, seems to believe that the Iraq war hasn't gone well. It has nothing to do with the ethnic and religious violence that continues to tear the country apart, just Rod's wishes.

Bubba pegs "truly reactionary paleos" as well. "If they actively desire a failure in American foreign policy because such failure would vindicate their ideology, it can't be said that they're truly patriotic." That would be a real stinger if ideology wasn't antithetical to the tendency called "paleoconservatism."

He also adds, "And am I the only one who finds it funny that both Rod and Stooksbury are invoking children's books and movies to express their truly childish glee?" To which I can only reply, eat my shorts.


Anonymous said...

They hate Dreher, but Larison really sets them on edge with his "big words" and "run-on sentences."

Daniel Larison said...

It's worth noting that children's books would appear to be the only books these folks are familiar with.

Anonymous said...

There you go again. Seventeen words to express a sentiment that Bubba could have expressed in four to five.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. That link didn't work so well. Here we go:

Dennis Dale said...
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Dennis Dale said...

You guys.
It's not about whether Iraq is a disaster but who thinks it's a disaster and why.

Any who advances an argument then has a stake in that argument; hence those who correctly predicted the catastrophe in Iraq are reveling in our failure.
Contrast them with those who actually led us into the disaster, who were, after all, seeking only to glory in the nation's triumph.

The beauty of this is you're never wrong, no matter what becomes of your actions.
All is feeling and sentiment. Consequences are secondary. Don't you guys ever watch Oprah?

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go and cut this commentary by half.

By the way, contra-clark and pee-yeew-nomia will be online soon.

Bubba said...

It's a strange thing to see someone confuse a rhetorical question with some sort of in-depth analysis, and to see someone object to the charge of having an ideology but not to the charge of desiring America's defeat abroad.

But what isn't strange but is still quite amusing is seeing someone ridicule my intelligence while displaying an inability to count.

Anonymous said...

no paleo wants to see the US defeated in iraq, that's why we advocate a pull out. To stay on invites a greater defeat.