Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Two Roads Diverged . . .

Karl Zinsmeister, the former American Enterprise editor who has just been appointed to be a Whitehouse Domestic Policy Advisor (replacing the guy who got arrested for making phony retail returns) was a legislative aid to Sen. Pat Moynihan with Bill Kauffman before they both went into journalism. Zinsmeister even took the jacket photo for Kauffman's first book,Every Man a King: A Novel. I won't go into the minor controversy over Zinsmeister altering some quotes from a news article before publishing them at The American Enterprise website and his talk about his fellow embeds being "whiny and appallingly soft." I don't have any comment on Zinsmeister arguing that "the war is over and we won."

I'll just note that the paths of Zinsmeister and Kauffman couldn't have diverged more and we are fortunate that the latter took the road less traveled.


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