Saturday, May 13, 2006

American Top 40 . . .

The new Reactionary Radicals blog is up with an RR top 40(or so) list that has many good selections but misses a few that should be included. The list contains a couple of songs from the Kinks, including "Village Green Preservation Society and the title track from Muswell Hillbillies. The opening track, "20th Century Man," laments that "This is the age of machinery, A mechanical nightmare, The wonderful world of technology, Napalm hydrogen bombs biological warfare . . . Ain't got no ambition, i'm just disillusioned I'm a twentieth century man but I don't wanna be here . . ."

RR themes appear in later Kinks songs such as "Living on a Thin Line," (written by Dave Davies) from Word of Mouth. That song begins with the line, "All the stories have been told Of kings and days of old, But there's no England now . . . "

The list also features the Skynyrd classic "Sweet Home Alabama" but neglected "Things Goin' On" from their first album, Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd, which forcefully states:

Too many lives they've spent across the ocean.
Too much money been spent upon the moon.
Well, until they make it right
I hope they never sleep at night
They better make some changes
And do it soon.

Also, shockingly missing is Dwight Yoakam's "I Sang Dixie,"(from Buenas Noches From a Lonely Room) aptly described by Kauffman in Chronicles a few years back as a "deracine anthem":

He said listen to me son while you still can
Run back home to that Southern land
Don't you see what life here has done to me?
Then he closed those old blue eyes
And fell limp against my side
No more pain, now he's safe back home in Dixie

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Jason LaLonde said...

"I Sang Dixie." Good call. Old times there are not forgotten unlike these "damned old L.A. streets."

I ordered Bill's book and I'm looking forward to reading it.