Friday, August 12, 2005

Poddy Strikes Again

John "Poddy" Podheretz, who is an embarrassment to NRO's the Corner, whines about a forthcoming film adamption of Anthony Swofford's Jarhead. According to Poddy:
Hollywood has now made its third movie about the Gulf War, following Courage Under Fire and Three Kings. And -- surprise surprise surprise! -- like its two predecessors, it's an attack on the war. You know, the war John Kerry praised in 2004 even though he voted against it in 1990. The movie is called Jarhead, it's based on a highly cynical memoir by a Gulf War veteran. You can see the trailer here. It may win Oscars. What a wonderful gesture of support for our troops, hah?

I don't have a clue as to what he is talking about. The reference to John Kerry makes no sense at all. I watched the trailer and didn't see any indication that the movie is an "attack" on the war. I can only assume that Poddy wants pictures that depict American soldiers saying things like, "gee whillikers, isn't democracy great."

Jason Apuzzo, of the Libertas blog complains that Jarhead "deals with the 'dehumanization' of Marine trainees prior to and during the 1991 Gulf War, and is "based on Andrew Swofford's notorious and questionable memoirs of the same name." Note how he sneers the word dehumanization. According to my American Heritage College Dictionary "dehumanize" means "to deprive of human qualities such as compassion" and “to render mechanical and routine. That is exactly what occurs (along with much more) in military training. Appuzo has made a few references to credibility problems in Swofford's book with out being specific. Perhaps Apuzzo is abit mixed up since he thinks the book is written by somebody call "Andrew Swofford" instead of Anthony Swofford.


Anonymous said...

I found it humorous, though a bit annoying, that Apuzzo seemed to get so worked up over the tagline "Welcome to The Suck." It certainly doesn't offend me, unless it's in a "nobody kicks my dog but me" kind of way.

My post here; since Blogger doesn't do trackbacks, I'll link you in an update. Semper Fi, MF.

Jesse said...

Courage Under Fire is "an attack on the war"? What the hell?