Thursday, August 18, 2005

Absolut Creepy

Ben Stein used to be amusing, now he is just creepy. Stein sees a thin (Yale) blue line between America and the abyss. "There is one great man standing between us and this capitulation to evil: that man is George Bush, and he has two great allies, Tony Blair and John Howard." How did such a man come to power? Was he the choice of Republican activists and fundraisers? No you idiot, it was a higher power: "By a great providence, we were sent George Bush."

Although we have been blessed to have this great leader, all is not well. "The terrifying part is that he will be gone from power in less than three years. Then what? The evil will remain in men's souls, and who will be there to fight it? We have to start thinking right now of who sees and recognizes the difference between good and evil and start energizing ourselves to make that man or woman President. George Bush's shoes will be terrifyingly difficult to fill."

I won't try to argue against Stein. People who think like this are impossible to reason with. They are clearly in the thrall of a religious cult. If you see Stein coming with a glass of Kool Aid, run in the other direction.

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