Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Credibility Gap

James Wolcott notices Megan McArdle's credibility problem in attributing credibility to Dick Morris. "On this issue he has a credibility gap as big as his corncob grin, a record of bum predictions that awould be a lingering embarrassment to him were he capable of being embarrassed."

As I have noted before, Dick Morris has a history of making dubious predictions relating to Hillary Clinton. McArdle says, "yesterday I heard Dick Morris on the radio making a credible case that Pirro can make things uncomfortable for Hillary by demanding that she commit to serving out her term." The obvious solution for Sen. Clinton if that becomes an issue is to promise to fill out her term in 2006, and break that promise in 2008 if she should decide to run for president. I can't imagine that doing so would hurt her that much.

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