Wednesday, March 23, 2005

New Destructive Generation

Justin Raimondo correctly pegs the repellent Frontpage of David Horowitz:
Desperate for attention -- and, increasingly, for more funds from his right-wing backers -- Horowitz has been getting increasingly crazed lately, working himself and his dwindling band of supporters into a frothy-mouthed lather in a effort to convince himself that anything he says really matters.
What's interesting to note is that the Horowitzian technique hasn't really changed since his heyday as a New Leftist. Back then, his enemies were "capitalist running dogs" and agents of "the ruling class." Today, as then, there can be no honest disagreements with Horowitz: his enemies are all "terrorists" and agents of "Al Qaeda."
Horowitz, Plaut, and their fellow nutjobs are the real anti-Americans: fanatics who want to see their alleged enemies silenced, shut down, and jailed. That of course is the real intent of someone who labels their political opponents "pro-Al Qaeda."
No conservative, no matter what their view of the Iraq war, should countenance this kind of intellectual dishonesty -- and outright hooliganism. That's why we're urging all conservatives and libertarians of good will to boycott Horowitz, and all his works. People that irresponsible need to be marginalized.

Horowitz was a leftwing nutcase when that was the fashionable thing to be, now he is a rightwing crazy. It seems that the only consistency in his life is extremism.
At Frontpage, one of whose more hysterical writers threatens a lawsuit every time he gets his panties in a wad, most of the other contributors follow the Horowitz tone. Stephen Schwartz is one of the more looney of the Frontpagers, but he fits right in. Raimondo quotes Steven Plaut as describing as "pro al Qaeda" even though if a Raimondoesqe foreign policy had been followed for the last fifteen years or so al Qaeda would be a marginal organization that noone had ever heard of.

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