Monday, March 21, 2005

Do Nothing Congress

It seems that I a always denouncing the American Spectator. I never got around to praising this fine article on the atrocity of sending young women and mothers into war last week. Now they have dissipated the good will that they built up with me by publishing a silly article urging President Bush to go on the offensive against a Congress controlled in both houses by members of his own party.
The author, Patrick Hynes believes president Bush, who won his first political office in 1994, the year that Republicans took over the House and Senate, "more than anyone else, helped to create" a Republican Congress. Newt Gingrich, call your office.
He also urges the president to denounce the Congress for wasting time with steroids hearings last week. Which would be fine except for the fact that I have reason to believe that Mr. Bush doesn't think it is a waste of time.
By all means Mr. President, go to war against the Republican Congress. Just be prepared to work closely with Speaker Pelosi in 2007.

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