Sunday, March 20, 2005

Law & Etiquette

the professor takes note of the Schwartz v. Raimondo copyright imbroglio: "I think that has the better of the law here, but I think that web etiquette is being violated all around. I think it's OK to link somebody's image if you're not causing them bandwidth problems, but I think that it's churlish not to take the link down if they complain. On the other hand, it's also churlish to complain too readily. "
It's good that he reviews the issue and notes that the law is on's side, but he misses the point, I think. Schwartz didn't just complain, he threatened an utterly baseless lawsuit, for apparently the second time. I don't usually assume that people I disagree with on political issues are simply bad people, but Schwartz's behavior seems perfectly in keeping with his deranged writing at Frontpage. His obsession with referring to Raimondo as "Dennis"(which Reynolds was taken enough with to provide a smirking second-hand link to the other day) is only the tip of the iceburg. In this, Schwartz is in tune with the style of Frontpage and the rest of the Horowitz web empire (not the use of a Raimondo picture, not just a link).
Reynolds doesn't regularly read which is sad. I have noted a tendency towards groupthink on the right which I discuss in my forthcoming review of Blog (already available to electronic subscribers of The American Conservative). I try to read a broad spectrum of opinion including Instapundit, The Corner and other sites on both the left and the right.

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