Thursday, November 04, 2004

Reading Is Fundamental

Is basic literacy a requirement to publish a weblog, or be a fancy-pants law professor? Maybe not. Glenn Reynolds interperets the quote below from Daily Kos as "hoping for our "defeat in Iraq." But if you read the part emphasized, you see that Kos is assuming that defeat is a likely outcome of our policy, as opposed to a wish for such result.
For the last two years, people who have resorted to history instead of wishful thinking, have worried about the outcome of war in Iraq.
Of Course, it is possible that Reynolds didn't bother to read the original post at all, since he links to a post from Belgravia Dispatch which characterizes those who don't trust the Pollyannaish war talk from the Bush administration as "noxious, irresponsible, morally defunct, defeatist, lazy and indulgent."

"The big silver lining, and it's significant, is that Kerry won't be tarred for cleaning up Bush's mess. Had Kerry gotten us out of Iraq, he would've been blamed for "losing the war". Now Bush will ineptly lose it for himself. Kerry would've been forced to make sense of a mess of a budget. Now Bush will be responsible for his own half-trillion dollar deficits."--Daily Kos

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