Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Is It Safe?

The election is over, I think. It looks like Bush one this time, although when I checked National Review's "The Corner" early this morning, you would have never guessed, judging from the bitter and nasty comments coming from the likes of Mark Steyn:
"Edwards, who was a disastrous pick as V-P, was mega-lame in Copley Square. How can you trot out that "make every vote count" line - which is Democratic code for "lawsuits" - when Bush is ahead by four million votes and heading to break President Reagan's 1984 record as the most votes ever stacked up by any President? Didn't their man Michael Moore demand that both Kerry and Bush agree that whoever wins the "most votes" should become President? These guys have no class, and, while Andrew Sullivan was certainly gracious, his candidates are graceless to the end."

Geez, give the guys a chance to think things through. It was better for Kerry to wait a few hours, and make sure, before conceding, which is what he did, than to retract it a few hours later, like Al Gore in 2000. It gave them time to assess the situation, where Bush still had not gone over 270 votes, and it also gave his crazier supporters some time for the inevitable to sink in. But I wouldn't try to tell that to Hugh Hewitt, who went schoolmarm on Kerry. "Contrast that with Tom Daschle, Tony Knowles and Betty Castor, and of course John Kerry. No reasonable interpretation of the data in any of these races can give any of these candidates a win, but they are hanging on.
This is not the conduct of a great party, but it is also not surprising for the party of Michael Moore. What an example for the new democracies in Afghanistan and Iraq. . ." What was Kerry doing, passing notes in study hall?
Some Kerry supporters, who at least had the excuse of having backed the loser, were worse; as a couple of intemperate posts by South Knox Bubba shows. SKB espies a military draft and an epidemic of incest related pregnancies resulting from Bush's victory. I'll take a wait-and-see attitude on both concerns.
Bush is a disaster as president, but I see the bright side of his reelection. From here on out, Republicans and their media camp followers have no one to blame for anything. Need more troops in Iraq? Seniors revolt over the new drug benefit? Iran pointing nukes at us? What to do now Mr. President?

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