Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Federal Breast Inspector

How does the U.S. protect its homeland security? By controlling immigration at home and minding our own business abroad? Don't be a fool!
We do it by feeling women up (registration required) at the airport as the New York Times reports: "Lu Chekowsky, an advertising executive from Portland, Ore., said her cosmetics case set off the alarm at the airport there a couple of months ago. Since then, she says, she has been patted down so many times that she has taken to wearing baggy trousers, flip-flops and a big sweatshirt to make the procedure less onerous.
'Routinely, my breasts are being cupped, my behind is being felt,' Ms. Chekowsky said. 'And I feel I can't fight it. If I were to say anything, I picture myself being shipped off to Guantánamo.'"

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