Sunday, June 03, 2012

People Who Don't Like Me . . .

 While searching my name in recent weeks, I discovered that my blogging at The American Conservative has frequently annoyed people.
One Charles Patrick Adkins, for example, who took umbrage at my use of the term "rightwinger" in this post. Adkins ranted and raved about me:
Now, I have not the least clue who Clark Stooksbury is, nor do I quite honestly give two flips really; but this quoted above, is why I distance myself from the Paleoconservative right. Because they are in bed with the liberal left. I mean, seriously? “Right-Wingers??!”  that term being used on “The American Conservative?!?” Does anyone else see a problem with that, besides me?!?!
He produced some non sequitors:
I guess one can expect this from a magazine that is quite known for its Anti-Israel and Anti-Jewish Bias.
He begged:
I have been blogging full time since 2006. First as a "skeptical left of center" and then as a right-libertarian. Needless to say, in the last 7 years my politics has changed greatly. I have been out of work all that time. Yes, I do live with my parents. I have to. I am all they have. I am an only child and they are in their mid-60's. . .
Another critic with a blog called His Vorpal Sword mentions my post titled Hanoi Jane Approximately without the benefit of a link and tarred me with a Scarlet "M" for misogyny. I discovered on his about page that the blogger, Hart Williams is a very distinguished,  "published author, novelist, literary critic and screenwriter. . ." He again notes on the about page " imdb lists him as a screenwriter" and indeed it does. It turns out that Mr. Williams is the distinguished writer of such classics as Gandi and The English Patient. Oops, I meant that he wrote Hard to Swallow and Caught from Behind 3, among other classics. I haven't seen any of his pictures, but it was the misogyny watchdog's job to find ways to get Little Oral Annie on her knees and I'm sure he put a lot of thought into it.

Another mortal enemy resides at the blog The Other McCain. Stacy McCain wrote, in a comment on this post, "don’t get me started on Stooksbury, a guy who got his nose out of joint over my panning of Crunchy Cons, identified me as an enemy on that basis, and never got over it." I think he may have it backwards. It was McCain who was worked up over my criticism of Donkey Cons, which he co-wrote, in Chronicles. I dislike (and that's putting it nicely) McCain's politics, but I always assumed that we had a friendlier rivalry—I even semi-seriously suggested that him as a ghost for Sara Palin and McCain offered what appeared to be sincere thanks.