Monday, October 01, 2007

Democracy in America . . .

Can somebody give me evidence to show that Americans have any capacity left for self-government? While trolling through NRO's Corner today, I caught this post from Kathryn Lopez with the text of a pro-Limbaugh resolution that Lopez, of course, endorses:

OCTOBER 1, 2007

Mr. KINGSTON submitted the following resolution


Commending Rush Hudson Limbaugh III for his ongoing public support of American troops serving both here and abroad. Recognizing Mr. Limbaugh for his relentless efforts to build and maintain troop morale through worldwide radio broadcasts and personal visits to conflict regions . . .

This is a counter the anti-Limbaugh resolution endorsed by some Democrats, that in turn is a counter to the resolution that the Congress passed recently. Do these people have nothing better to do than to make fools of themselves, and of America, on the world stage?

Every time I start to think that I've become to cynical about the state of American Democracy, I discover that the opposite is the case.


sevnetus said...

No evidence. Bur thanks for watching Limbaugh, who may be part of the problem. I believe it is possible to be patriotic and oppose the war.

Ryan01 said...


This looks more a case of "stupid is as stupid does." Maybe one day folks will finally realize that "our" solons do more damage than they do any good and throw them out.

I will admit I am thoroughly enjoying this spectacle. If anyone deserves this it is the foul Limbaugh and all his nonsense about "supporting the troops." It's nice to see this grenade pitched right back into his face.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps the time has come, alas,
For these United States
To discontinue as a mass,
Since it disintegrates,
This Union Lincoln strove to keep--
Nor do I think that it would weep
Forefathers such as Jefferson,
Adams or Madison, hard-won
Though its creation came to pass.

The fruit as hangs upon the bough
Ripens, and then does drop
In due time, nor one anyhow
Can tell the thing to stop:
It is a question of the time,
All things exist in place and clime,
No hastening nor slowing down--
If states their union have outgrown
Time is to harvest all that crop.

Perhaps it is a sorry batch
Of pickings; yet we ought
Accept it, as a meager catch
To fishermen is brought
In unpropitious temperatures,
In wastage of their nets and lures--
The tree of this our unity
Has gotten old, impunity
None ours to have althought ´tis sought.

The evidence so indicates,
As with one´s open eyes
Its usefulness each one berates,
Pompous yet telling lies
The Federal Government as struts
Across the stage, with its tut-tuts,
And thou-shalt-nots about religion
While failing to do yet a smidgen
About pressing realities.

So busy is the posture of
The Federal politician,
Yet each neglects--save some big shove--
The purposeful position
Of governance: to plan and help,
Manage and arbitrate each step
So that the future be secure;
And we the boastful pride endure
That each presents, without much love.

So bad it gets, the states apart
See little recourse, save
Suing the Feds, as to jumpstart
Them in their duty, grave
Effort because paralysis
Have turned the Fed a nemesis--
As for example how it hated
To have emissions regulated
So that all progress it would thwart.

The fault lies most with these
Republicans--but please,
Democrats on their knees
Idle, both parties making
A game--there´s no mistaking--
To keep Big Business raking.

So when the Fed has failed to function,
Abolish it without compunction,
Since it, for worse and not for bettra
Did abdicate its raison d´etre.

--I.M. Small