Saturday, September 22, 2007

Booze Blogging

Perhaps Stephen Green should stop killing brain cells with booze. He argues against a statement by Jimmy Carter (about the unlikelyness of an Iranian missile attack on Israel) by stating:
But let's do remind him that it was just six years ago when al Qaeda launched four missiles, of the passenger jet variety, straight into the financial and military hearts of the United States. It might be helpful if Carter would remember that Afghanistan, from whence the 9/11 attackers came, is even further from New York than Israel is from Iran. And let's also remind Mr. Carter that that mission was specifically suicidal in nature. Maybe also Jimmy needs a refresher that the 9/11 attacks haven't worked out so well for al Qaeda. Finally, give the ex-President a moment to ask himself if he really thinks Ahmadinejad is any more sane than Osama bin Laden.

Ignore for a moment, that he confuses the motivations of a terrorist organization with those of a government. Can one really argue that the "9/11 attacks haven't worked out so well for al Qaeda?" What would be the basis for that? Sure, they lost their caves in Afghanistan, but bin Laden managed to find refuge in Pakistan. On the plus side for bin Laden, the attacks killed thousands of infidels and induced the United States into two wars. I assume that bin Laden thanks Allah every day for the invasion of Iraq, which has drawn the U.S. military into a quagmire and discredited America around the world.


Manfred Arcane said...

Great response - this Steve Green guy is clueless. I am no admirer of Ahmedinajad but Iran is a real government with national interests and real grievances (CIA overthrow of Mossadegh, US Navy shooting down a civilian airliner, etc.) not quite the same thing as the psychopaths of 9/11. And aren't these the same Republicans (with Israeli help) who once smuggled weapons to the Teheran regime?

Patrick said...

I once got into a fight with a bigger guy, and when I had one of his hands tangled in my hair, the other a fist in my mouth, and one of his feet stuck in my crotch, well, then I had him exactly where I wanted him.

Clue for the clueless: things aren't working out too well for al Qaeda.