Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Over the Rainbow

I was at least partially on board with Glen Dean's defense of Rush Limbaugh against leftist attacks, telling them "If you don't like his show, don't listen." I agree--I don't like his show and don't listen these days, although I used to. I lost respect for Limbaugh in 1992 when he mounted the stump in support of George "41" Bush, revealing himself as little more than a partisan shill.

Focusing on the comments of one idiot who wants censor Limbaugh, Dean writes "to them, the 'people' are stupid and they need a strong government to control what type of programming they are able to view or listen to, and certain words need to be banned." Amen, I say.

He loses me when he says:
You "conservatives" and "libertarians", who have aligned yourselves with these type of people due to a shared opposition to the war, disgust me. It's like you all have been duped into the notion that these people actually care about civil liberties. Get a clue. Liberals do not care one iota about liberty. They don't care one bit about the free market. All they care about is a large intrusive government that forces their collectivist ideals on the masses. They may say this and they may that, but wake up people. They are nothing but a bunch of Stalinists.

Hmm. I wonder who he is referring to? Although I find that I have common ground with many leftists and liberals these days, I don't know of anyone on the antiwar right who is making common cause with the EricBs of the world in order to censor Rush Limbaugh. The American Conservative, a premier publication of the antiwar right, just published an anti-Fairness Doctrine article by the idiosyncratic libertarian writer, Jesse Walker.

As for the "free market," etc. that he pines for--it is somewhere over the rainbow between Oz and Never-Never Land. It is further away after the six years of disasterous Republican rule that was rightly tossed on the ash heap of history by disgusted voters last fall.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you and Glen about Limbaugh and liberals. No one forces you to listen to the radio...so if you dont like what your hereing then TURN IT OFF. Its the same with the Hannity conservatives. Him and his allies go on and on about Franken and Air America...hey guess what? Just turn the radio off or to some other station. I do that everytime I here Michael Savage or Randi Rhodes. I felt like I was listening to satan everytime I came upon those two so I JUST STOPPED LISTENING. One final thing, I think this also says something about how messed up our society is as a whole. I know people at my job who flipped out over the Don Imus remarks and they literally cheered when he was fired and basically ruined for life. But those same people also cheered when Mary Winkler was acquitted of first degree murder two weeks ago...now you tell me the logic in that. She cleaned out their bank account before she murdered him and then rips the phone cords out of the walls after she shot him and she gets cheered but the guy who said one little sentence on the radio gets treated like trash. Go figure....