Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Go Devils!

It's Kauffman week at 2Blowhards, with an interview here and here. Here's a brief sample:
My English forbears came to God's country on neither the Mayflower nor a Mayflower moving van. They were farmers who settled around Churchville in the dim mists of time. (Speaking of Churchville -- I digress the way other men blink -- my wife, the lovely and long-suffering Lucine, was roped into coaching the Batavia High basketball cheerleaders a few years ago. BHS is the Blue Devils, a colorless French-derived militaristic nickname that we and 1,200 other schools ought to drop tootsweet. When BHS played the Churchville-Chili Saints, Lucine's girls chanted "Go Devils! Beat the Saints!" A chill ran down my superstitious Catholic back.)


Michael Blowhard said...

Thanks for the link! Bill's great, and I'm really pleased that he agreed to do the interview with us.

Jason said...

Thanks for the link, Clark. This is excellent material and I wouldn't have found it otherwise.