Monday, December 19, 2005

Sign of the Times . . .

The latest issues of The American Conservative and Mother Jones are out with cover articles by the sam person. In TAC Robert Dreyfuss reports on neocon plans for Syria. In MJ he profiles North Carolina Congressman Walter B. Jones of "Freedom Fries" fame who has now turned against the war. That latter article has high praise for Jones in the form of a quote by the cretinous Christopher Hitchens that Jones is a "moral and political cretin."

Politics, and George W. Bush, makes strange bedfellows.

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Aakash said...

Yes... During times of war, as well as other manifestations of the "New World Order," left-right alliances form. I first observed this during the Spring 2000 semester.

Here is a pertinent section of a web page that I maintained, regarding a previous war.

Oh how I wish more conservatives and Republicans were anti-war (and anti-state!) again... But I guess that's the price of having a 'Republican' president.