Friday, May 13, 2005


Matthew Yglesias and Kevin Drum commit common sense on the topic of public displays of the Ten Commandments and other religious oriented battles in the Culture War. I think they are right, especially since I don't believe that it amounts to an establishment of religion to put up a marble slab with the commandments in the courthouse. Yglesias even goes a bit further:

Now where I'll probably lose your support is when I say that I don't even really
care about the school prayer question, but speaking from experience I was forced
to engage in sectarian Christian prayer in my (non-public) school and it was
I went to a Catholic school (because my teacher/mother had an idea of how bad the public schools are) and I agree with Yglesias on this. Rote classroom recitation of prayers, or of the Pledge of Allegiance tend to lose their meaning, tend to lose their meaning after a while.

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