Thursday, July 12, 2012

Now Who's Being Naive?

I don't normally think of Jim Antle or Robert Stacy McCain as being naive, but I can't otherwise understand their praise for Mitt Romney's non-pandering before the NAACP. Antle wrote that, "Romney isn't exactly known for his willingness to communicate unpopular truths. He deserves credit for doing so here."

That's only true if you assume that the people in the room with Romney were his intended audience. I suspect that the NAACP crowd were simply props and Willard was pandering to the Republican base. And seeing some of the reactions; such as the comment from Skippy on Antle's post that "anyone belonging to the NAACP is a racist, or Rush Limbaugh's (via Memeorandum) idiotic ravings, it would appear that his pandering worked.
UPDATE: Antle replies.