Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Give till it hurts . . .

This has to be the best fundraising ploy ever. Chronicles is asking readers to donate and cover up David "Unpatriotic Conservatives" Frum's mug. Thomas Fleming writes, "To make our offer even more attractive, we are asking you to help us eliminate ugly lies from the internet. Every $500 we raise will increase the level of white-out to cover Frum’s hair, Frum’s eyes, Frum’s nose, and—best of all—Frum’s mouth. Help ChroniclesMagazine.org make the internet safe for all lovers of truth and beauty."


Anonymous said...

...........looks like Frum finally got that gap in his front two teeth fixed.

Maybe he got tired of answering in the negative about being Susan Estrich's brother. You know, in the middle ages, a gap between the front two teeth was taken to mean a woman had increased sexual desire (Wife of Bath, Canterbury Tale). I hope for Frum's wife's sake, that 'aint' true. He's not homely, but he's not Cary Grant either is he?

Yes, I am a cruel man.

Anonymous said...

THat's OK -- cruelty is quite common on this WEblog.