Wednesday, February 08, 2006


This is interesting. James Webb, a former Secretary of the Navy under President Reagan, as well as an author; is planning to challenge George Allen for his Senate seat in Virginia as a Democrat. The Usual Suspects have already started on him:

To: SDGOP; rowhey; DM1
He masquaraded as a "conservative" in the Reagan Admin fooling many back then well before being appointed SecNav. Nobody seemed to notice his liberal leanings, a shallowly veiled contempt for the Reaganites, and instead all were treated to his self aggrandizement on how much of a hero he was, echoes of Murtha and Kerry. At the time, how could anyone accuse such a hero of being anything but a conservative? He fooled them and they were well placed and ranking people he took in. He never was "on the reservation", simply a legend in his own mind. When I would see the real Marines, humble heros for sure, I would wince at the sight of this pretender.

But let me be the first to bring up the real issue. How did you get those Purple Hearts, Mr. Webb? When are you going to release your records? Hmmm?

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