Thursday, July 07, 2005

When In Doubt, French Bash

Not knowing what else to do, neos bash the French. A correspondent of Katheryn Lopez notes, "When [Chirac] was actually challeneged by a question that suggested that his version of fighting terrorism hasn't worked, he admitted that it needs to be stepped up." Chirac's methods of fighting terrorism haven't worked? Is there some reason to believe that the Bush-Blair method has? On top of the horrid attacks in London, terrorists in Iraq -- where security is provided by Bush-Blair-Rumsfeld, etc.-- have murdered the Egyptian ambassador.

Roger Simon adds an idiotic comment: "Jerk of the day . . . make that jerk of the year . . . Jacques Chirac, who only a day or so ago dismissed the English for their food." For those who can't follow his inane logic, he is saying that it is in poor taste to mock the English on the day before a terrorist attack in London.

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