Thursday, December 02, 2004

Crying In Your Latte

A whiny blogger from the Evergreen State is upset that senator Kerry is giving $200,000 dollars from his presidential campaign to aid in a state-wide hand recount in Washington's gubnitorial election: "OK, this makes me so *&%%^& angry, I could spit. What is it, Kerry couldn't create a national constitutional crisis so he's having to make do with creating one for the state of Washington? The Dems probably couldn't raise the entry fee for the hand recount request without getting this.

I don't know if it's legal to give funds that were raised for presidential campaign costs for a state recount effort - but I know that it's certainly unethical. It isn't the purpose to which his donors made their contributions. Oh, that's right, he doesn't care: it's nuance you know."
What nonsense. Any ethical duty that Kerry owes is to his donors. I can't imagine that they would be upset at him using his remaining funds to help elect Democrats at other levels. It would be unethical if he bought a new car or took a Las Vegas vacation with it.
This guy is upset that because it might work. He should stop being such a big baby.


MC said...

Clark -

Big Baby here. Kerry isn't trying to 'elect' Democrats at other levels - the election is over and certified. The opponent is no longer technically a candidate and wasn't when Kerry made his contribution. He's assisting an attempt to overturn (steal) an election. See my subsequent post here:

and why Kerry has gone the way of Gore. At least we'll never have to worry about him on the national political scene again.

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